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We’re here to help.  Our professional practice is exclusively devoted to representing people injured through no fault of their own.  And, unlike most “TV” lawyers who support their large advertising budgets by letting their paralegals act as your lawyer, Tom personally meets with each potential client and provides each client with the means to communicate directly with him, before, during and after, their case.

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There are few choices in life that are harder than knowing how to tackle complicated legal issues. When you need an attorney who actually listens and is willing to guide you through your options, Tom Robinson and his team are here to help.
The Law Office of Thomas L. Robinson, P.A. is a boutique practice focusing Family Law (divorce, custody & alimony), Business Law, Criminal Law, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases.

We represent clients in Gainesville, Newberry, Jonesville and all surrounding counties.

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Practice Areas

Florida Personal Injury/Accident Law

According to the Tampa Bay Times, tourism records were broken when 97.3 million tourists flocked into Florida in 2014. It appears that the Sunshine State may outdo itself in 2015, as nearly 80 million people have already visited Florida as of September. Add those folks to the regular population – including students tucked in at various institutions like the University of Florida – and you’ve got the potential for all sorts of fender benders and other accidents. If you think you might want to sue someone over one of these mishaps, here are a few things you should know. Read more about our Personal Injury practice.

Aggressive Divorce Representation

The umbrella of family law covers more than just divorce – it also includes issues like adoption and guardianship, for example. But divorce is the most common type of family law case, and Florida divorce law includes a few wrinkles that not all other states share. Read more about our Family Law practice.

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Florida

Florida is a business-friendly state. It wants business people to relocate here and hang out their shingles. This means that Florida laws don’t always make it easy for employees to successfully file workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation insurance, which is carried by businesses, partially replaces your earnings and pays for your medical care if you’re hurt on the job. You don’t have the option of suing your employer directly if you’re injured. Read more about our Workers’ Compensation practice.

Business Law & Litigation

Whether you are starting a new business in Gainesville or Jonesville or the surrounding areas, or already own a small business that is growing, the modest amount of money you will spend talking to an experienced Gainesville business lawyer could save you thousands down the road. Read more about our Business Law & Litigation practice.

Criminal Law in Gainesville

Florida knows how to have a good time. From the south beaches to the University of Florida’s Swamp, you never have to look far for fun. Sometimes, however, the pursuit of fun can mean that you step over a legal line, particularly when your good time involves alcohol. Here’s a quick rundown of some ways you might find yourself getting in trouble – and how an experienced Jonesville/Gainesville criminal lawyer can help. Read more about our Criminal Law practice.

Newberry and Jonesville Divorce Attorney

Hi, I’m Tom.

I graduated form the University of Florida’s College of Law in 2003 and began practicing at a large corporate and commercial litigation firm.  I returned to Gainesville in 2008 to raise a family and have since practiced throughout North and Central Florida in the areas of personal injury, business litigation, domestic/family law, and criminal law.

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