About the Law Offices of Thomas Robinson, P.A.

Jonesville & Gainesville Attorney Tom Robinson

Mr. Robinson graduated form the University of Florida’s College of Law in 2003 and began practicing at a large corporate and commercial litigation firm.  He returned to Gainesville in 2008 to raise a family.  He has since practiced throughout North and Central Florida in the areas of personal injury, business litigation, domestic/family law, and criminal law.

Mr. Robinson is a member of the Florida Trial Lawyers’ Section, Eighth Circuit Bar, The Association of Trial Lawyers (ATLA) and is licensed to practice throughout Florida.

Mr. Robinson’s practice areas include:

  • Divorce/Domestic Dissolution
  • Child Custody
  • Domestic Modifications
  • Personal Injury and Accident Law
  • Business and Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Law

Mr. Robinson enjoys a working relationship with the University of Florida’s Legal Services Department and consults for free with University of Florida and Santa Fe College students on all matters, including criminal, landlord/tenant, bike accidents, scooter accidents, nightclub and bar accidents, and traffic citations.

Mr. Robinson’s office is located in Jonesville, Florida near The Town of Tioga but he practices throughout North Central Florida in Gainesville, Lake City, Ocala and Gilchrist and Levy counties.

How to Contact Us

Students and prospective clients alike are encouraged to contact Mr. Robinson 7 days a week via:


tom@tomrobinsonlaw.com or (fill out the contact form)






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